about rethink

Re:Think Health  is the most innovative group of healthcare professionals you know.

Whether they are physicians, physical therapists, dietitians, nurses, occupational therapists, pharmacists, students, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants, our application based membership provides support, connection, collaboration, and resources for working healthcare professionals in every stage of life.

The team

Michelle Headshot

Michelle Seguin, MD Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

The word doctor is derived from the latin root “docēre” meaning “to teach”.  It wasn’t until I began practicing rural family medicine that I fully grasped this deeper meaning.  High rates of chronic disease and few resources to address underlying root causes, like poor nutrition and hunger, left me feeling overwhelmed and helpless to make positive changes as an early career physician.  Undoubtedly, I was on the path to burnout.

As a result, I sought solutions outside the walls of my clinic and looked into my community.  I implemented a pilot fruit and vegetable prescription program in my FQHC-practice where patients received vouchers to purchase fresh produce at our local farmers market.  My patients flourished and this experience taught me how food could be a conduit for connection and a catalyst for health.  I set out to meet other like-minded health practitioners doing this work and serendipitously met Danielle shortly after the launch of her culinary medicine non-profit.  As colleagues and friends, we taught one another about our grassroots efforts to improve the health of our communities and in time our impact grew into what is now Re:Think Health.  


Danielle Shelton, MD Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

Medicine can be so isolating sometimes, especially right out of residency. Despite the long hours, lack of sleep, and dearth of personal time during those 3-5 years there’s something unique about having 30 other people to bounce ideas off of, rally around, and commiserate with. 

When I started the nonprofit, Clean Your Plate, in 2017, it was out of desperation for someone to address preventative care in a way that was accessible, engaging, thought provoking, and innovative. I wanted it for myself (300-400 physicians commit suicide yearly!) but it was also deeply rooted in changing my community. Michelle became my touchstone in so many ways as she was the only person I knew interested in the kind of medicine I was passionate about providing. 

the challenge:

According to the Harvard report, physician burnout is “a public health crisis that urgently demands action.” Half of all physicians report troubling symptoms: depression, exhaustion, dissatisfaction and a sense of failure. 

the solution

Re:Think Health seeks to build an ecosystem of healthcare professionals  who collaborate and empower one another to become better together.

Re:Think Health began when founders Danielle Shelton and Michelle Seguin set out to create what was missing in their own lives: a community of healthcare professionals.

Before creating Re:Think Health Michelle and Danielle only met once in real life (IRL), almost 8 months after they started discussing healthcare, sharing their visions, and planning a lifestyle medicine conference. 

They had met the way most millennials these days meet - online. Their forum happened to be Instagram. They found solace in their friendship (corporate medicine can be draining), education in their rapport (Did you see that new study about cardiac stenting vs. lifestyle interventions? I’ll send it to you), and camaraderie in their shared passion (let’s partner together on this research endeavor, how did you get your prescription vegetable program off the ground again?). They wanted continuing medical education that reflected the changing face of medicine and fit their on the go lifestyle and passions. 

It was through this connection, their joint passion for lifestyle medicine, and the belief thought that there should be more collaboration in medicine that Re:Think Health was born.